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Saturday, June 11

First, name 20 people you know.(these are the first that came to mind)
1. neeka
2. joey
3. rob
4. janina
5. mej
6. cheka
7. charlene
8. aspe
9. tart
10. nadine
11. earvin
12. rj dude
13. pach
14. aowie
15. aicel
16. jimi
17. donna
18. cha2
19. tori
20. mines

Then, fill this out according to the people you chose!!
Who is 8 going out with?:
+ naku ndi pa kmi naguusap ni aspe ndi ko alam :P

Is 9 a boy or a girl?:
+ BAKLA!! haha ndi, girl c tart :D

Would 11 and 2 make a cute couple?
+ nku ndi pwde bata pa c joey hehehe

How about 18 and 4?:
+ haha. ndi pwde :D

What grade is 17 in?:
+ 4th yr college na rin

When was the last time you talked to 12?:
+ nung jun 4 nun bday ng mom ko and2 sha.. hi DUDE!!

What is 6's favorite band?:
+ tamang-tama! naku mdami yang gustong banda. musikera c cheka eh :D

Does 1 have any siblings?:
+ yup c kuya, c liset at camille hehe

Would you ever date 3?:

Would you ever date 7?:
+ hehe oo nman DUDE PARE, bading kasi ako

Is 16 single?:
+ nope!!! :)

What's 15's last name?:
+ viguilla

What's 5's middle name?:
+ ariscon :D

What's 10's fantasy?:
+ maging lalaki :D hehe

Would 14 and 19 make a good couple?:
+ c aowie at tori?? wahahaha! ndi pwdeeee!!

What school does 20 go to?:
+ st. scho manila

Tell me a random fact about 11:
+ c earvin? hmm praning yan pgdating sa pagaaral.. khit ndi na sha matulog buong gabi kakaaral, the next day sasabihin nia "wala nga akong alam e, babagsak ako!" haha.. nsobrahan na sha sa talino! haha

And 1:
+ c neeka? besp ko yan. haha. kmi ang magbestfriend na ndi mo mlaman kng bkit isang araw okay tapos the next day todo away. sabi nga ni torres bka magkatuluyan na kmi nian. lagi ksi kmi LQ haha!

Have you ever had a crush on 16?:
+ on jimi? hehe oo nung jimi boy pa sha!! wahaha!

Where does 9 live?:
+ taguig and cavite :D

What's 4's favorite color?:
+ lumot green hehe and brown

Would you makeout with 14?:
+ wahaha NO!

Are 5 & 1 best friends?:
+ nope, bestfriend ko c 1, and c 5 best buddy ko sa uap wehhee

Do you like 20?:
+ c mines???? NAKU! PWDE BAHH!!! NDE NO!! haha.. oo nman MARE ko yan eh! HOY KAMMON MINES!

Does 8 like 19?:
+ hehe oo ata. wenk.. oo friends naman c aspe at torres hhee

How did you meet 15?:
+ friend sha ni torres, tapos nalaman ko kapatid sha ng friend ko (c ate ai).. ayun tapos nging chummies kmi nung 4th yr high school ako at 1st yr sha :D

Does 10 have any pets?:
+ hmmm i dont think so :D

Is 12 older than you?
+ yes, by 1 year lang :) pero he's my childhood friend

Is 2 the sexiest person
+ dahil kapatid ko sha, hmmmm oo na nga! haha sapilitan? hehe

Have you ever given 13 a hug?
+ noooo. :P di ko pa yan nakikita. wahaha! :D



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