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Monday, May 2

how life is for a failure *flash a big L on the forehead*
  1. everyone's just better than you --- in all things you do --- no matter how hard you work for it.
  2. someone likes everyone else around you --- close friends in particular --- and sees you as a friend. only. and that someone doesn't even have a clue that you like that someone.
  3. your loved ones think you can't do anything productive. and that you suck.
  4. you can't list any accomplishment/s on your resume.
  5. your relatives think you need a total overhaul, erm, makeover.
  6. your friends don't reply to your messages, be it on friendster, sms or YM.
  7. your vcd player won't work.
  8. you got yourself caught up in a situation you can't escape. like having to admit to someone that you like/liked them --- and it's all your darned fault.
  9. all your friends on YM are on invisible mode, on SMS, mobile or offline.
  10. you can't motivate yourself to start a life-changing thingamajig.
  11. you forgot how to speak/write in spanish.
  12. knowing that you can't reach 5th year or a masteral degree in your course.
  13. everyone else has their own band. you want to start your own -- but you know you can't do it alone. and no one's joining you.
  14. sometimes you feel as if you're the only one who checks our your blog. oh, and nobody ever leaves a comment/tag. some people get a lot of reactions, but not you.
  15. you don't have a best friend anymore. apparently lost to some guy. oh, and the same goes to all your old school buddies too.
  16. you are always the second option.
  17. you can't fix your own life. and everyone else seems to be doing fine.
  18. maybe, you're just too boring.


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