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Tuesday, May 10


nope. not really hanging out. our pc's too slow when its online, im sure a turtle can overtake it in a race. anyway. school's been pretty dragging (as usual). luckily i have mej, fem and the rest to "enjoy" it with. hahaha... anyway. we went to galle this morning/afternoon. first it was just me and mejie but cheka, char and jimi followed to have lunch with us. we had chicken at popeye's. haha. then we strolled around a bit and went back to school by 1. rar. mej bought 2 tops ata from teranova.. haha. how i wish i could just shop like that! wehe. i swear the next time i step into a mall i NEED to buy something for myself..haha. (right, mej?) anyhoo. our teacher for business writing and presentation said that we would start with the presentation part of the class next week. we would be having impromptu speeches and stuff and it kinda scares the hell out of me. well. kinda lang. wahaha. i dont like speaking in front of a lot of people. although that fear diminished through my 3 years in UA&P, i still am scared. back in high school i used to tremble a lot when i had to report. ngayon mejo na lang. whahhaa. hmmm i hope i could survive this course. plus, our Business IT class is being such a pain in the u-know-what coz our teacher's really fast. as in racing-fast!!! kaya we have quite a hard time to catch up with what she's doing with her Excel thingy. hay.
anyhoo, me and mejie are planning to go back to galle or any mall for this matter. haha. we need to quench our thirst to shop. kahit walang pera. i just need something. wahaha. khit wala tlga. hopefully this week we get to go out again. khit mall lang. and jimi was asking kng pwde rin kmi friday night. i think i can do that. :) haha. sana!! i wish i had mooolah (which i need badly). boohoo. janina labs and i are supposed to watch Can this be love OUT OF BOREDOM (ok?) haha.. but i think it would be cancelled for a different movie coz she cant na daw this week. anyway. i miss my friends. really.

i live such a boring life. pfft.


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