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Tuesday, May 31


i feel soooo sad, i dont even know why. lalng. im currently hating my life right now, although i know that i shouldnt feel this way. pero wala lang. ang dami lang mga pangyayari and i dont know kng tamang i-share ko sa blogspot readers. wenk. as if may nagbabasa. anyway. summer classes are over. finally. yesterday i went out with cheka, rj, charlene and mej. we had lunch at chef d'angelo, rode the rollercoaster at dreamscape, watched "amityville horror", then went back to dreamscape for bumpcars, had a pic taken (with my fone nga lang. ill upload it later), and then went to ice monster. it was a great day, but unfortunately, my dad scolded me for being an irresponsible sister to my sister.. coz she was in galle din. and apparently i was there daw to accompany her, which i did every now and then coz i dont wanna look like my lil sis' chaperone. right? but my dad doesnt understand that. so he's kinda furious at me and i dont even know why.

*edit* here's the pic i mentioned. haha. hilo pa kmi sa bumpcars nian. haha.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

another thing.. me, my best bud (neeka), and janina were supposed to go out today.. we had this plan to meet up at mega, hang around a bit, buy a dvd, and go home. they were supposed to sleep over in our house today but we had to postpone it coz neeka's lola died just this morning.. may she rest in peace.. and that's just so sad. coz there, ndi tuloy, pero shempre kasi ung lola ni nix namatay.. condolence po besp.. sna maging okay ka lang. i dont wanna feel disappointed coz of that, coz it would be really unfair. no one wanted this to happen but i still feel bad about it.. lalng. pero ok lang, i know that it could still push through in the next week or sumthing. neeka wants me to go to mega rin sana so we could just meet up. kaso nga my dad's furious ata at me, so i cant. rar. but i want to go out. hay. im so sad. i have a lot of other things to say but id rather bleep bleep them out.



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