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Friday, April 15

finally. im getting the vacation i *somehow* deserve. haha. how i wish. anyhoo. im here in mega, waiting for mi amiga.. we're going to lagunaaaaa. i know its kinda near.. and typical. but what the heck, im supposed to enjoy it anyways. the phone line got busted at home so my sis cant access the web while im away. poor joey. anyhoo if ever she gets access and checks this.. (woohoo) why hello there joey! haha. anyhoo. im supposed to have fun right?? hehe. wish me luck. and oh, don't miss me too much. nyahaha.
wenk. im playing launchcast while im on Ym and i chose the station for TODAY'S BIG HITS. and guess what kung ano tumugtog.. "All I Have" by J.Lo and LL Cool J. Waw. Sooooooo NEW! :P


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