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Thursday, April 28

A need for a more important post...

I read mejie's blog.. and it reminded me of a dilemma that me, Mej and Sheryl have. WE NEED A FREAKIN' SUMMER JOB! (or any job for that matter).. hahaha.. we kinda decided that we're not really after the moolah, but more on the EXPERIENCE.. (but we wouldn't protest if there's big moolah involved, right?) haha.. so right now... we're looking for contacts, connections, etc. so we can work. ASAP. the thing is, we'd be having another dilemma since we have class from monday to wednesday. so, the people who would HIRE us *cross fingers, ehem* would not be too happy if they discover that we could only work from thursday to sunday. (and i think we should count the sunday out haha). WE NEED A JOB!!! *hint hint* to anyone who knows anyone who needs employees *haha* this summer.. (preferrably in ortigas..).. please please message me :P haha. anythin' related to management, cguro.. :P yikes!! EXCITING! NYAAHAHA.

and poof im gone. :P


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