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Tuesday, April 19


after waiting for more than a week, some of the grades were already released online last night. right now im just waiting for my 2 major subjects..but so far, not so good. well im partly relieved coz i didnt flunk anything. (coz i was expecting *really* two subjects to come out with a whooping 3.5 --- but thankfully, i didnt fail --- but still i hate my profs.) uhmm i computed my GWA. and it didnt make me smile at all. im disappointed with myself.. or i duno. i just feel sad about this.. ksi i felt na of all the semesters i've had (in the world..)... well, the 2nd sem of my junior year proved to be the most difficult *difficultest* one for me so far. so i worked my butt off the whole sem. but i didnt get good grades.. and it sucks. :( ohwells. im not expecting much from my management subjects as well. since i know i didnt really perform well. so.. hello failure. i dunno. im just so depressed right now. but ill be okay. i need to get out again. soon.

oh, and i dont have pics of my laguna trip. the camera broke. sucks.

argh. im sooooo frustrated right now :(

and now i remember, we can't choose our block/section for summer classes.. meaning mej would go back to her original section (sb1).. although fem and the gang would be with me.. i'll miss mej if ever.. i hope we can fix the sked. and i hope we can still transfer sections :(( im soooooo. argh. effed up. :(


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