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Thursday, April 21

disappointed part 2

anwar robinson.. (see pic below) got kicked out of the American Idol Finalists. arrrggghhhh he's my favoriteeeeeeeee... first nadia was vote off and now... anwar. boohoo. you voters suck!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyhoo on the better side of things, i got my accounting and introman grades already. and they're pretty good and unexpected. hehe must compensate for my low grades. but still my GWA is pretty lame. but im okay. i just want to graduate. i went to UA&P kanina to enroll.. and YEHEY!! naka-enrol na ko. and i have a pretty good sched for the summer. hahaha!! yahooo!!! :) i accompanied mejiemoo so she can switch sections with claire.. para classmates kmi this summer!! im soooo happy!! weepeee!! :P

para san pa ba ung title ng entry ko? i sound too happy. lalng. i miss kamberks. im going back to UAP tomorrow to see them!!! :)


rar. i signed up for the school publication but i didnt get any email from them regarding a meeting tomorrow. hay naku. i hate my college life sometimes. really.

i swear im gonna find a new layout.. :P

im waiting for fullhouseeee :) nyehehe.


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