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Wednesday, April 13

bored and dead
update, update.

* im done with my introman (final) paper. so officially, my 2nd semester is ovaaah! (over pala. wenk). so i can go out on friday (hopefully til sunday!!) yeheeyyyy!!! :P
*basically im just browsing thru friendster.. looking at people's summer/grad pics. :P hehe..
* im chatting with a former high school busmate. i can't believe she's gonna be 4th yr na next school year. OMG. ako ren pala 4th yr na pagpasok. ang tanda ko naaaaaa!! nooooo!!!
* i changed my sister's layout. well not the entire thing though. but i helped her with the pics and stuff. haha. its cute. (ayyy conceited. here's a snapshot of the pic.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

* i want to fix my layout as well. so.. there im looking for new skins. something perky and summer-y. haha lalng. un lang. and this is me and my sis. fooling around a while ago.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

un lang. tata.


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