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Saturday, March 5

back, and still alive.

wala lang. im really bored right now. rar. ohwells. uhmmm...

We had our equatorials yesterday.. it symbolizes the Juniors' "crossing over" midway the college life :P haha. and whaddaya know... lalng.. cute lang.. Our batch ninong was Mr. Borra (the first teacher in college that made me appreciate Renaissance Literature.. :P), and our batch ninang was Ms. Endozo (the terror Math teacher, which I "encountered" in Algebra, and my 2nd take for Calculus).. :) Lalang, naaliw lang tlga ako.. we have this new becca now *its called the "academic sash" or something. haha :) it's beige (oh what a lack of color) but what the heck, its great to know that we're midway our college lives. haha!! the fun part was "preparation" haha, ksi i had the chance to go "shopping" ( ksi ndi naman todo).. i bought new shoesies, and had a pretty black blazer made :) lalng.. astig din when we dressed up sa washroom sa may court.. haha!! dama namin, dressing room! with todo makeup ek-ek pa hehe :) lalng.. ill post pics (nung nsa washroom) next time. pero i have pics now of the "aftermath" of the equatorials.. And BTW, i learned that we *do* have a graduation, just in case (most probably) I don't get into the master's level (5th year).. at least diba.. if ever i decide to take a master's degree, i wont take it na lang sa UAP, coz they would only get the top 30 students sa batch. HELLER. hehe. :P eto na muna ung pics..

This is before the equatorials :P (mej, char, me & jimi)

this one's after the equatorials,,, cuteness no? hehe... dama naman namina ang becca!!! cheka, mej, me, charlene, jimi & tart!

me and cheka fooling around with the becca!! :D hahah!!!! lalng... cuteness.. we love our beccas (and courses) sooo much! :P

nakasalubong namin c nadine sa baba.. so shmpre take advantage!!! :P lalng!! cute!!

elaine, jimi, charlene, me, mej and rj (ogie) hehe @ prom a.. aftermath.. :D hehe! :)

So un.. tapos last night we [we: Kamberks minus the ever-absent tart; jenna, aspe, cheka, jimi, nadine a.k.a. the Akagellas, St. Paul Community] went to Bagaberde to eat, bond and basically hang out and chit chat :) hehe.. lalng.. cute no? kakamiss ksi the old days.. eion, we watched MYMP and part of True Faith's set.. astig. lalng... i want to go out again. ahha.

oh, with the matching lighting epektus!!! :)

MYMP :D cute!!! :)

true faith (the vocalist medwin is in HYPER PERFORMANCE MODE!!!!) hahaha!

Today naman, went to school to consult with our introman teacher regarding our business plan. FINALLY!!!! we have a business plan!!! and if ever it *does* push through, (as in business tlga), suport us!!! haha!! :) ill tell u about it when we get started with the business plan na :) this should be interesting!! :) waaahahaaha :)

un lang. tata!!! :)


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