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Wednesday, February 2

on my second day of work
i really dont have anything decent to blog about coz basically my life has been a stressful mess. haha. im too caught up with school works. (imagine.) rar. so yeah, im such a boring person right now. haha. every now and then we hang out at mega. and right now the sight of mega makes me wanna barf coz im always there. as in, i memorized the place na nga eh. bohoo. i had lunch there again kanina, with earvin and mej. hehe.
about work muna, im currently working on wednesdays at the accounting department of norkis yamaha, mandaluyong branch.. haha! its fun actually. the day turned out to be better than i expected. lalng.. it was fun :) my officemates said hello to me as soon as i went up the 4th floor. so i got perky. hehe. i got excited to work. ayun natouch ang lola niyo nyahaha!!
anyhoo after work, (i really didnt want to leave the office ksi i have a thing i wanted to finish.. hehe adik?).. we headed to mega nga for lunch... :P tapos we went around in our office attire (feeling all grown up? yuck hehe)... tpos nag-arcade kme! haha ang fun! FREEDOM! charos! haha.. tapos we walked around, and ate crepe!!! :) yummy-ness. hay.
ang senseless ng post ko no? im not in the mood bgla. antok. haha. tata! :P


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