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Friday, January 21

screwed update.
wow. it's really been a while since i made a decent entry. i've been pretty busy with school, doing loads of hw and dealing with crappy hypocrites. anyhoo. i really missed this, but i cant always find the right things to say. oh wells. anyhoo lots of stuff have been running thru my mind lately.. i have a lot of things to do, things i need to accomplish and fix but.. i dunno. sometimes i just dont feel like doing anything. it like sometimes i want to vanish, or i wish time would just stop for a moment or two so i can do things i want to do. hay. its just that life has been too stressful lately, but i feel as if i havent done anything right yet. parang naghihirap lang ako sa wala.. nakakainis. hay.
anyhoo. on to my current addictions/weirdness/kabaduyan/update:
1) Ranting - coz of my LOWWWW accounting 1st long test. i studied for it but na-mental block ako when i reached the problem solving part (which was a whooping 46points duh.) i hate my accounting life.
2) Ranting - coz of Introman. Basta, yun na yung. crap crap crap and more crap.
3) Raving - coz I finally found a black brooch na kakaiba. but im still looking for a red one though.
4) Raving - coz naalis si Megan and Kirby sa Final Four sa StarStruck! hahaha!! I know it's kinda weird and jologs for some, but I dont like the two of 'em and I'm glad they are not part of the Final Four. hahaha!!
5) Ranting - coz not a lot of people are going to my party =( most of my friends are cancelling, backing out.. etc. ohwells.
6) Raving - coz its my birthday party tomorrow..
7) Ranting - coz for some reason im not in the mood or im not up for it. hay. pero I'm not saying na i dont wanna push thru with it!
8) Raving - coz... I got good grades on two of the early papers we had for Medieval Lit and APS Japan. They are not exactly very high.. not the one-point-high somethin', but it's more than what i expected. I'm not a paper person eh.
9) Ranting - because I want to go out tomorrow morning to watch a movie but you can't.
10) Ranting - because you seem to have forgotten me. *hay*
11) Raving - because of the new Koreanovela on GMA7: Stairway to Heaven . It's pretty good, considering din na it's produced din by those who came up with Endless Love. so may bago akong tinututukan pag gabi. ahaha. baduy na kung baduy pero i really like the story! kakaiyak! haha :)
RANTING - kasi wala lang. i feel useless.


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