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Wednesday, January 12

i think i deserve a good night sleep.
thank God for today, although its one of this week's highlights for hellweek.
our introman report's over.. YEY! *still cant believe that i reported :P* hehe.
however we had an exam for math logic and i didnt get to study AT ALL.. so i failed to answer a lot of questions. crap. but still im glad. i feel like i deserve a pat on the back. :) nyahahaha. feeling? anyhoo. just one day to go before the 14th and i really cant feel the birthday spirit. boohoo.
i need to sleep, but i cant. i need loads of rest. but i still have two more highlights to go for this week. friday i have an exam in medieval lit (inferno), and on saturday my favorite accounting exam. hay. i cant even think about my bday! hahaha. but its okay :) hehe.
hay. anyhoo on to my current kabaduyan, the soap forever in my heart on gma 7 is abt to end this week. i just wanted to say na parang kulang parati ung emotions na pnapakita nung mga artista dito. parang OA ung pag-arte but kulang pa rin. its weird. parang maiiwan na nakanganga ka nlng waiting for a more intense scene or emotion, pero un na pala yun. nyaaah. kakainis lang. nakakainis panoorin. nga pala, c regine velasquez kaya nagpa-kulot tlga? ksi minsan straight ung hair nia.. eh minsan gusto ko din i-plantsa ung hair ko.. para straight minsan, kaso pwde ba un sa permed hair? hehe.. anyone, na may alam? hehe. i miss my straight hair ;P pero i love my hair pa rin. wahehe :)
Princess -->AY GOSH ANG CUTE NUNG PRINCESS!! heheh :)
hay. i want to post pics but i have nothing to post kaya,,, aalis na ko. hay. cge.. bahboosh.
P.S. AnnaGee (for Ganda :)), sorry i wasnt able to reply on ur comment agad.. ksi i wasnt able to check my blog last night coz i was working on our group report.. :P basta ill tell u kng confirmed na ung pagbebenta. im not sure if my sis wants it or if my dad's gonna sell it :) its still good tho :) tc!
AT PARA sayo:

I Love You
nyahaha. :P


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