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Wednesday, December 1


if for any reason you find this blog a bit odd, my apologies. i dont feel myself right now, and i dont have any intention to resolve my issues right now. (shux, parang totoong may problema. psycho.) anyhoo. i have reasons to be happy and not to be happy at the moment, and honestly it sucks. oopsie, i think i haven't given any chika about my retreat no? its too long, im telling u. i filled 30 leaves of my powerpuff notebook. (to think that that notebook was supposed to be for my business stats class and i didnt even fill it up. haha). anyhoo. i just have resolutions to make/do. whatever. this is my flashback to the supposed new ME. im so bad coz i still don't see a difference. im just the same, maybe even worse. actually, i feel the need to confess na nga ulit eh. haha.
anyhoo. im just gonna share my resolutions that i derived from the retreat:
  1. i'm gonna join a choir na, for real. i have made this resolution for the longest time, but being Jenna, im awfully shy. i never attended the chorale practices, after being accepted weirdly a year ago. haha. im gonna join either the ICP choir, UA&P Chorale or the Stella Orientis Choir (in our school's chapel) coz i was invited to join after the retreat. ohwells.
  2. i'll start reading the Scriptures from now on, and pray the Rosary as often as i can. (It's supposed to be everyday, but im pretty sure i would be accountable to that, so I'd rather say the truth :) )
  3. This i still have to discover how im gonna do, but I have resolved to bring other people closer to God. So ikaw, na nagbabasa ng blog ko, go to a retreat when you have the chance! wahehe! :)

anyhoo, I'll try to do them naman eh, promise. :)

anyhoo again. :)

i have loads to say eh. ahh. i have my current rants and raves. (I read mej's blog kasi, she had her rants and raves and I wanted to do that din tlga for the longest time! :) hahaha :) lalng.. so here goes:


  1. i have no money, literally.
  2. i have tons of unfinished hws. but im such a procrastinator. math logic, theo, accounting and ethics to name 'em. tsk tsk.
  3. im such a masungit girl right now. ive been into arguments right after retreats. rar.
  4. im losing the curliness of my hair. rar. (weirdong bata. mareklamo)
  5. i ate too much today. bleuch.
  6. too many quizzes.
  7. Introman. need i say more?
  8. my need for new shoesies. honestly i need it.
  9. i miss my friends. :(
  10. rar. im just so rarred out.


  1. hanging out outside uap or at the mall during breaks. (usually with my fave hang out bud, mejiemoo)
  2. strawberry and vanilla ice cream, and the butter & sugar crepe @ wrap and roll. try nio! thanks din mej! haha i ? it :)
  3. i like my script (handwriting right now) hehe :)
  4. ~~Ü~~
  5. 24 days to gooooo b4 paskooooo weeh :)
  6. i have a pic with violet (from the incredibles..hehe) im gonna post it soon :)
  7. i got my Hello program again, so i can post pics again! yeyness to that! :)
  8. in line with that, i have a new sketch. haha. of myself. hehe. got bored:

  9. and yes, due to sheer boredom and severe procrastination.
    Copyright PrincessJenna07

  10. i might go out on saturday. yipee! :)
  11. i have a new good read: The Devil Wears Prada. finally! I finished Boy Meets Girl na kasi. You guys should read it. :)
  12. the holiday season!! :) weeeh :)
  13. we went to mega! :) i have new studio pics :) haha :)

pichur!! :) [above, L-R] mej, don, jenna. [below] pauwie and cheka :) aren't we just too adorable? :) haha. :)
Copyright PrincessJenna07

the "indecent pic". we tried to be inhuman and monstrous, kidding!!!. LOL. but hey, we still are cute right? and cheka is actually winking. and don is tulala. ayus. haha :)
Copyright PrincessJenna07

I wanted to post my likey list too, but i guess i want to start with my math logic na. haha. :) waw, parang totoo. ohwells.

a big hello to anyone who happens to pass by :) mwah :*

and now i cant post the pics for some reason. rar.

P.S. ayan. nakapost na. it took me forever though. i edited this for forever. dont i just love blogging? :) hahah.


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