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Thursday, December 30

there is a need for me to make a yearender entry BUT im too darned lazy to do so.
im really messed up right now, im soooo lazy.
i just want to bum around, and not do anything.
but i want to go out.
im pissed off at some people who just say they are your "friends" but couldn't really care less about whatever.
im irritated by people who can't answer your questions, especially when you really want to know stuff and they just don't care.
im annoyed when people are different when you're with them in person and when u talk thru text or phone.


i feel weird. im sooooo effed up.

Oh Jeez Thumbs Down Damn Damn Grrr You Suck Mad Pissed Very Angry Toungue Out Rarrrrr.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 14:57.