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Friday, December 3

stormy ignoramy.

Its 8 am, and im bored to death. It has been raining hard since last night, and yes, like what I said yesterday, we dont have classes again today. And its going to be another day of torture. I didnt feel so happy yesterday, well I did coz I was downloading several MP3s and stuff, but i felt so ignored yesterday. I dunno if its just the network or something but people have been ignoring me. No one's replying, no one's talking to me. Gah. It makes me sound pathetic naman no? La lang. I felt so weird. Maybe it's just another one of my moodswing attack. Pero wala lang. Nakadagdag pa yung weather, kasi it made me feel even more... sad? I dunno what word to use eh. Basta, hindi ko alam. Ang babaw ko naman no. Nagreklamo kasi walang nagtetext o tumatawag? Hay. Sensha na, mbabaw lang. Hay. Pero salamat na rin sa mga nakaalala. Wala na rin kasi akong Unlimited sa Sun. Try ko na lang i-load ngayon. Bahala na. Pucha ang babaw ko.

This is definitely one of my mushiest and mababaw-est entry to date. Nakngpating.

Current Music: Wag na Wag mong sasabihin - Kitchie Nadal


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