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Monday, December 13

a reason to smile again.
everything's back to normal Ü [thank God :)]
finally. :) the introman sh*t is over and my life is in my hands again Ü. whew! you wouldn't even know how happy and smiley i am again, and yes, tomorrow, ill be back to my unusually perky self :) but im glad!! :) haha. ive been pretty contented since yesty afternoon, before i did some cramming because of little things (which i will list down later)...hehe, its super weird kasi i was actually smiling while i was taking down my hw for tomorrow. haha!! basta! i feel giddy again, but then again, a good night sleep is something i would wanna have, please :)
happy-perkyness list:
(what contributed to my unusual perkyness right after torture)
  1. my isaw trip with my sister yesterday afternoon (oh how i wish it was from project 4, but im not complaining :))
  2. getting to sleep before 12 midnight (thanks to earvin hehe)
  3. cutting math logic class (yes, it made me smile, and guilty at the same time haha!)
  4. me and mejiemoo got to grab some ice cream from FIC! weeepee!!! :) [finally]
  5. i love the baroque pearl necklace and bracelet that my mom made me wear for our report ;P
  6. me and my new fave groupmates [yes, my introman groupmates] agreed on a "bonding shopping sesh" at divi :) weeh!
  7. the report didnt turn out as bad as i expected, mejo lang ;P hehe
  8. when i got home there was bibingka!!! weeeh! and ive been craving for it for forever! haha!:)
  9. kamberks reunion this friday!
  10. whattabarx xmas party nxt week! :)
  11. haba na ng hair kooo hehe :)
  12. and now im loving my new layout :)
  13. magkakaphone na siya! :) yahuuu :)

wala lang, masaya lang aku :)

aku, aku, lagi na lang aku. :) -lito cruz

Friendster Survey for the day:
1. Are there any mispronounciations/typos that people do w/ your name?
- yes. they call me "gina," jina and spelling, gemma, gima, etc. sometimes i get frustrated, when they ask me my name i just gave princess (coz i wanna be a princess, ryt?) tpos ang spelling naman ng princess --- prenciss. WALA TALAGANG PAG-ASA! haha!
2.Would you drop your last name if you became famous?
- haha. i dunno. maybe. or change the whole thing! ahahaah! :) ah! depends pala on wat kind if famous that would be.. :)
3.Your Age:
- 19, with around 31 days ticktocking before it changes :P
4.Age you wish you were:
- ewan ko. mga 10 cguro or 16 hehe. or 4 :) LOL
- Righty. u can ask me to write using my left hand if u want to see chicken handwriting hehe :)
6. Piercings?
- 2 on each ear :)
7. Tattoos?
- wala :P
8. Obsessions?
- blogging. pics. myself (conceited? hehe) IKAW :)
- lately? bibingka :) ok na ako dun :)
10.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
- my procrastinating ability. LOL
11.Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?
- i want to think na wala na. tapos na yun eh!
11.What do you like the most about your body???
- hmm. wala. haha!
12.Would or Have You Ever Hurt yourself?
- no, i dont think so. maybe unintentionally hehe.
13.Had surgery?
- not yet. haha (future?! hehe)
14.Beaten someone up?
- no, hindi ako violent mshado. mejo lang hehe.
15.Been on stage?
- yes..
16.Thought about suicide?
- as in isip? isip lang, oo. hehe
17.Slept all day?
- no. unfortunately, my system doesnt allow me to sleep beyond 9:30 am.
18.Been betrayed?
- yes. and.. basta. dont wanna talk about it. memories creep back easily (yak serious?!)
19.Met a famous person?
- yes. ata. ehhehe :)
20.Stolen anything?
- hahahahahaha :) *wink*
21.Had a dream that kept coming back?
- sorry, im the type who cant remember dreams. hehe. super bihira lang!
22.What are you wearing right now?
- my formal, management attire. hehe. (the just-got-home-from-management-class look) hehe. red top with black informal daw na blazer and slacks :)
23.What are you worried about right now?
- nothing much :) hehe
24.Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling:
- relieved and excited na sobra! :) hehe
25.Are you bored?
- not really. tired cguro hehe. but restless.
26.Are you talking to anyone online?
- yes, to kagandahang nadine.. :) haluuu sexy!
27.Are you listening to music?
- yes, to alicia and usher :)


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