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Tuesday, December 7

a random peechur(s) post.
im not in thinking mode right now so i cant think
of anything to post for tonight. but i want to blog..
so here's some stuff i wana show u LOL :)

Look at what I found!!! :) a pre-historic pic with my "bandmates" haha! this was during a recital in Music last year... good times! :) haha. it was my only stint in performing for quite a small crowd.. sa music room ba naman dabah? hehe :) Pero it was fun! I miss this! :) Lalang! :) Trip down memory lane.. :P that's jc, me, jimi, tim, lala, dan and nogc :)

my current fave pic :) hehe. taken 120604. that's cheka, me and tart. im turning into a pic-freak. again. always. :) hehe! :) [notice how cute cheka's shoes are! and ang girly nia that day! haha] :) para may proof! :)

wait, i likey this pic nga pala better :) hehe :) lalang! :) pa-effect pa daw no? hehe. i like this pala better. wahehe. :) weeeh :) lalng. lufet ng effect! LOL :)
actually, un lang ang randomness ko. i was supposed to post a pic of my favoritest thing in the world as of the moment.. kaso i cant find the cam. i have a feeling it's with my dad coz he's with the boys. ohwells. that's it na muna. im in cramming mode right now. our group has meeting tomorrow for our case study.. rar. i have to read the case and email some stuffs to the people.. would u believe im the leader? yikes. big responsibility. im really scared. im such an OC leader pa naman! hay! o cge start nako. pero im hungry nga pala. cge :) haha! Comment nga pala if u want LOL. but its cute if u tag AND u comment. o diba :) haha! demending!!! :)


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