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Friday, December 31

my year ender for 2004
i dont exactly remember how i did my yearender last year.. but yea, i cant believe its the end of 2004 na. Haluuuu 2005. hmm i can say that nothing much has changed. parang dumaan lang ang 2004, wala lang. cguro sa sarili ko ganun, pero sa paligid ko mdaming nangyari. ay, mali. i think ive seen a change or two about myself for this year naman. although marami ding pagkakamali, ok lang..
for me, this year is a year of friendship.
i got to know several friends this year, and became pretty close to them in a short span of time. it has been a year of rekindled friendships so to speak, to those who I thought I would never have been friends with again.
na-test din ng year na to ang mga relationship ko with other people. some of them, tlagang wala na, but those who still accepted me despite of my flaws would be treasured tlga! :D my real friends are those who could accept me and love me kahit pa imperfect ako and mraming katangahang gnawa/ginagawa. kaya nga mahal ko sila.
over this year, ive seen some of my friends evolve into "new beings". some for the better, and sadly some for the worse. those who have changed for the better ive learned to love them more, and the others? well, i dont love them less, of course, they are my friends.. pero i think ive become more distant to them. maybe its partly my fault but maybe, they just choose to not open up to me.
i have encountered new friends as well. friends of friends, na i never expected to talk to, and be friends with. long story, pero i really value these people, kasi kahit ndi pa kme nagkakasama maghang out, super open na kme with each other's lives. and it's fun :)
i have friends din na "muling bumalik" haha. ndi naman on a lovers level dabah, pero they are the people na i never thought would still know me, care about stuff about me and talk to me despite what happened in the past or whatever. im really thankful kasi wala lang.. i didnt expect anything from them, pero un. im still doubting their presence, pero ndi ako nagrereklamo. :) im actually glad about it! :)
friendship isnt limited to friends.. cguro i can say na even to my family, i have been able to build stronger ties with them kasi ive been more open to them, although not about everything, mas nagsasabi na ako about my probs.. kahit nga mga ex crush ko sa school eh nsabi ko! haha tinuro ko pa sa mom ko! ever tlga! :D
anyhoo, i think this has been a weird year. mraming ups and downs. mrami din palang wake up calls c God sa mga tao sa mundo, pero mukang wala mshadong epekto eh. ndi cguro sila naniniwala sa karma.. hehe.. pero im soo thankful to God kasi ndi naman nia ako pnabayaan... buhay pa naman ako, and lahat ng mahal ko sa buhay, anjan pa rin.. sana i-bless pa rin niya ako for the coming year. Sana bigyan ako ng guidance! Kelangan ko nun kasi bka mapabayaan ko studies ko *EARTH TO JENNA!*
I would want to ask for a lot more things, ndi naman sa material lahat, pero yun... alam na Niya un :)
As for love life, no comment. ahaha. Masaya naman ako ngayon eh *winkwinK* na lang tau jan :) sa mga people in the past ko, eh.. alam ko naman na masaya kayo. dun sa isa, nakakatakot lang kse parang pabalik-balik ung kakaibang unexplainable feeling, pero yn, im happy for you! alam kong masaya ka na.. sana hindi na makarating ung kagagahan kong nsabi kagabi! haha.. anyhoo, im glad. no regrets? oo naman. sayang lang, pero what the heck, masaya na nga ako diba?
HAPPY 2005 people :)
I have to go for the meantime pero babalik ako to finish my long yearender! :)
[edit: 9.45pm]
so there. im back. haha. i realized that i really had a short year ender last year. so i can say na ive been more madaldal than last yr. wahah. i hope in a good way naman sha. i have been more talkative to other people (in person) e before i would usually clam up lang tlga sa isang corner haha. basta, im thankful kasi ive known myself better.. thru self-realization or through others din, lalo na ung mga mahal ko :) im thankful din for the retreat ksi it made me realize a lot of things :D nakkks. :)
basically, this is a year of friendship nga :) so.. i want to thank every single person ive talked to, made friends with, had fights/arguments with, bonded with, helped, asked help from, hugged, kissed, texted, called, made tambay with, etc. sana ma-strengthen pa friendships natin :)
to my friends,
happy new year to you all!
thanks for the year that was :D

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(and to those i forgot. mahal ko kayo! haha)

I LOVE YOU!!!! :)

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