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Friday, December 17

love notes.
[my desire to blog: 7.16pm : 17.dec.2004]
Pucha, i got carried away with Love Notes, yes, as in Joe d Mango. Shet, nag-eemote daw ako. Wah. It's the feeling daw na you've let go of the person na pero you're secretly hoping na iniisip ka pa rin niya.. na tatawag siya...na namimiss ka niya. Pero alam mong imposible.. Kasi you both have your own lives na...
I have unresolved wishful thoughts of that person. I think I've closed that chapter of my life, but the truth is, I still have that silent longing for that person to just pick things up from where we left off. This is not the right way to deal with this. Sometimes you just have to accept things, you just have to let go.. Coz there's nothing you can do anymore.
OMG. I hope this is NOT the my case.


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