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Thursday, December 16

just waiting, patiently waiting.

officially, its Christmas vacation for me na... BUT im going to school tomorrow to meet up with kamberks :) we're gonna have lunch together and after that, who knows? i want to got out sana kaso wala akong makasama eh.. rar.. i dont wanna go home agad, ksi i know ill basically be at home for the whole duration of the christmas break. bummer. lalng. i know i should be rejoicing or sumthing.. but i dont know. feeling pretty sad for some reason. argh. ewan ko ba. gusto ko na lang mag-weekend. rar. =(

ill just post my friendster survey hre. rar.

1. last person u wrote a letter
:+: not really a letter, maybe just short notes (i luv makin' them heheh :)) mybe k mej or k rob :)

2. sport you would least play
:+: swimming! or extreme sports. fearrrr :P

3. last movie u watched
:+: honey :) nakakaindak..

4. what do people first notice when they see u?
:+: malay ko sa knila :)

5. do you like peanut-butter?
:+: not that much :P

6. last person who texted you
:+: monica lea! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

7. do you read comics?
:+: yep pero lately ndi na mshado eh hehe :)

8. how pretty/handsome are u?
:+: im pretty handsome (hehe lalaki pala?!)

9. do u like earthquakes?
:+: no, natrauma ako nung october, when i was studying pa naman 4 accounting. rar.

10. worst nightmare?
:+:hmmm wala pa naman..

11. most beautiful place u've visited?
:+: di ko alam e.. :)

12. wanna be a celebrity?
:+: ok lang, kahit imposible.. :)

13. do u like surveys?
:+: pwede na rin :)

14. your close friends:
:+: whattabarx.. kamberks.. uap friends.. crazy family people. dami eh no? well... cge na nga, onti lang tlga. alam na nila un hehe :) mahal ko lang tlga cla lahat eheh..

15. most people would describe me as...
:+: shy pero pag kaclose mo na super hyper at makulit..

16. one thing u hate about urself -
:+: low self-esteem and procrastinating tendencies..

17. vegetable u hate
:+: hmm.. ngyon okra na..ampalaya minsan..

18. u like to go out on a grocery with?
:+: my mom and sis :)

19. favorite person/s in the world?
:+: loads :) lahat ng mahal ko :) wahhee

20. can you dance? :
+: yes, i think. LOL

21. favorite past time?
:+: window shopping! haha bonding moments with people, dining out and making chismis :)

22. are you happy?
:+: very :)

23. do you believe in God?
:+: yes

24. what is the worst rumor you've heard about yourself?
:+: haha. na isa daw akong octopus na nangmamanipulate ng tao. not exactly a rumor but i discovered that someone talked that way about me to a friend...

25. what is the most stupid thing u did?
:+: ewan ko ba. :(

26. are u in love?
:+: sureness!

27. what is your greatest asset?
:+: haha. ewan ko, meron ba? liabilities!! meron!

28. what time is it?
:+: 10 to 8 pm

29. aside from answering this survey, what else are you doing?
:+: singing, blogging and surfing the net,. and reading a text :) hehe

30. first thing to do when u wake up tomorow?
:+: check my phone, the time and then go back to sleep. LOL

31. Where are you right now?
:+: house lang, my dad's oficina

32. Wats ur fav line?
:+: fave line ng ano? ewan ku :)

33.favorite food?
:+: as of now? ewan ko, bibingka? chicken na may gravy :) haha

ewAN. ang labo. happy birthday nga pala to my bespren, neeka timbas :) hehe. btw, bakla ako ngyon. i wore a skirt to school. todo sa pagkagirly. hehe :)


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