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Tuesday, December 28

i got a thingy to share
since im pretty bored.
[got this from toj]


01. i have a cell phone. *
02. i have friends who use me. *
03. i am an only child.
04. i am a shopoholic.*
05. i love dangly earrings.***
06. i have smoked a cigarette before.*
07. i love cold weather. *
08. i'm obsessed with the computer.*
09. i have shot a gun before.
10. i can't live without music.***
11. i have no tolerance of ignorant people.*
12. i have ridden on a motorcycle before.
13. i'll be in this town forever.
14. i've been to 5 other countries.
15. i get annoyed easily.*
16. i eventually want kids.*
17. i have neat handwriting.
18. i have more than a few horrible memories.*
19. i am addicted to chocolate.*
20. i am an atheist.
21. my parents are strict.*
22. i love airplane rides.
23. i love taking pictures.***
24. i hate girls who are fake.***
25. i can be mean when i want to.***
26. my parents care about my grades.*
27. one of my best friends is a guy.
28. i have way too many purses.*
29. i'm obsessed with lip gloss.*
30. i love xmas.*
31. i would never eat raw fish.
32. i cry easily.***
33. i hate it when people are late.
34. i procrastinate. ***
35. i love winter.
36. i have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
37. i love to sleep.***
38. i wish i were smarter.*
39. i'm afraid of flying.
40. i hate drama.
41. i bite my nails.*
42. i have been on an 8 hour drive.*
43. i never fight with my parents.
44. i love the beach.*
45. i have never had the chicken pox.
46. i have gone out in public in my pajamas.
47. i can't control my emotions.*
48. i have a best friend.
49. i have moved more than once.
50. i truly love my friends.***
51. i have braces.
52. i love to write.**
53. i have never broken a bone.
54. i agree with racist people.
55. i hate my computer.
56. i love guys that play guitar. **
57. i state the obvious.**
58. i'm a happy person.*
59. i love to dance.*
60. i love to sing.*
61. i love cleaning my room.
62. i tend to get jealous very easily.***
63. i have a nice butt.
64. i have gotten high before.
65. i love night better than day.*
66. i have been on the phone for over 5 hours at a time.***
67. i don't like to study for tests.**
68. i love God.***
69. i am too forgiving.***
70. i have horrible sense of direction. **
71. i miss elementary school.**
72. i have had a boyfriend before.
73. i'm a mummy's boy/girl.
74. i love kisses on my forehead.***
75. i love the color pink.***
76. i love to sew.
77. my eye color changes.
78. i should see a therapist.*
79. i played on a guys sports team.
80. i become stressed easily.*
81. i hate liars.*
82. i like comfy sweatpants.*
83. i can play the piano.*
84. i love the smell of rain.*
85. i love my family.***
86. i hate needles.
87. i am a perfectionist.
88. i always wanted to learn to play the drums.*
89. i hate the feeling of failure.*
90. i have friends in other countries.*
91. i know how to cook.
92. i can be quite selfish.*
93. at times, i still act like a little kid.*
94. i have food allergies...*
95. i love little kids.*
96. i love to read.*
97. i wish i were more motivated for school.***
98. i love getting stuff in the mail.*
99. i have problems with letting go of old feelings.*
100. i hate being alone.*
101. i love summer. *
102. i love the weekends.*
103. i love black eyeliner.***
104. i think i'm pretty.
105. i type with one hand.
106. i live in a one storey house.
107. i wear make-up. ***
108. i have never ridden on an underground subway.
109. i can't swim.***
110. i have bad memory.
111. i go to church.**
112. i sing in the shower.***
113. i have never been camping.
114. i can't drive.***

i know i've done something similar to this na. wala lang. just bored. hay. ho-humm life. cant wait for the weekend!! rarness.


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