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Wednesday, November 17


seriously. im soooo bored right now. ive been sitting in front of the pc since forever. im acutally playing video karaokes right now. so i can sing. gash. im such a borer. (huwwaht?) anyhoo. school started yesterday. im still pretty passive about it. it still isnt sinking in. (whapak heller, may pasok na!) i was able to see the kamberks. and most of my uap people friends. i bummed around with mej [my favorite hangout buddy friendship for this sem, love ko this girl! hehe ang arte ng salita ko shetness] anyhoo. there. i wanna go out but im broke. i wanna watch a movie. i duno. maybe later. i might ask aspe. or sumthing. rar. im telling you. rar.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 11:24.