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Monday, November 15

like what i said, im going to have a neat-ass entry :)

yeah, ive been too happy about me posting pics that i havent really blogged blogged lately. hehe :) ohwells. here goes.

im going out later. im savoring up the last day of my semi-short lived sembreak. cant believe its back to school again tom. but i have an ok sched, and i think i know some friends in all my subjects (hopefully) :) so, yeah. im kinda lookin forward to this sem (yak, ako ba un?)

last last week was enlistment and last week was enrolment. pretty crappy but the system's way better than last year. (but i have to admit, namiss ko ung campout sa labas ng school,,wahehe). i feel blessed for the first sem coz i had good grades. :) at least my sleepless nights paid off :) the much-UNexpected 1-point-something and 2-point-something for my subjects were... great :) sana i wont be too darned lazy to study and shit. rar. i have two philo subjects this sem so, im crossing my fingers right now. i hope i can manage. (duh, think positive).

anyhoo. i need to buy new stuffs for school later. that's why im heading to the mall maybe. and meet my friends. or basta. or watch a movie na rin. savor things up. argh,. cant believe its nov. 16 na tomorrow!!!!

*rarrrrred out*


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