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Thursday, November 4

i swear im being lazy as hell again.

hay. i havent been blogging again. rar. im such a weirdo. i have been going out with friends naman.. pero im still a bum. nothing's new. i want to go out. i want to go khit sa mall lng. ewan. kaso im too lazy nga. rar. rar tlga.

anyhoo, i myt go out later. me and mines are having a surprise birthday visit to our friend.haha. ohwell. and later na rin ang online enlistment ng uap. hay. sana ndi sha mshado hassle daba. ohwells.

i want to tell what happened to me, as in todo kwento, kaso like i said, tamad ako. kaya magpopost nlng ako ng quizzes. hopefully mapost sha. hay..

The Breakup Blues: Are you still hung up on your ex?
On the Road to RecoveryWhile you're no longer going through the tissues on a box-a-day basis, you've still got some healing to do. Those breakup blues are still lurking in your life. Be patient with yourself and know that getting over a bad breakup takes time -- and some good, old-fashioned TLC -- from yourself, from friends, maybe even from your mom. So take it easy, take it slow, and trust yourself to work through it.

erm. cnong ex? hehe.

um.. question pala sa nagbabasa nito.. (kung meron).. anong normal na IQ ng person? hehe. im taking IQ tests. :) LOL ung isa 120 ata. ung isa 144. ano ba normal? shmpre binuko ko sarili ko.. nalaman nio na brain capacity ko. haha.



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