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Wednesday, October 20

Which Reality Show's Right for You?
jenna, you're destined for American Idol

Stars aren't born they're created — just ask the Monkees. All you need is the big break and American Idol is it. Whether it was an impromptu serenade in the school cafeteria or the business presentation-turned-standup routine, you've always been a performer at heart.

Your confidence and stage presence will get you far, and your love of attention will get you farther. Still, it's scary to be up against a million other candidates, not to mention the judges. No one likes criticism, especially when it comes from a snake like Simon. Thankfully, you have the poise and charisma to remain strong during his rants, and once the spotlight is on, all the pressure fades into the shadows. Heck, if some of those wannabes can make it, why can't you?

YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! rar.


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