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Wednesday, October 27

this is the day, this is the day

this is the day that i can NOT blog perky-ly. or cheerily. or whatever.
basta i cant format my blog or anythin, im currently using the old pc coz the other one's broke. again. tssss. talk bout new.

anyhoo. my rashes are still killing me. really. i hate it. they are temptuous and raging. weirdo ko, shetness.

anyhoo again.. we [we= cha2, neeka and joey] went to galle yesty. it was a biglaan thing, kse it was supposed to be me and sis lang pero un... we attempted to invite the whole of whattabarx, pero shmpre ndi pwede lahat. we ate lang at kenny, walked around and stuff. my sister's more of a shoppaholic than me. i was too scared to take out my money yesty coz i was afraid ill use all of my savings up for different things. basically, i was tempted to buy loads. flower pins, big-ass flower earrings (which made me look like a weirdo when i tried them on), a von dutch cap, a cowboy hat, shoesies i lust, bags, bracelets, ponchos, sandals, etc. i did not buy much.. well, just a pair of really really cute chandelier earrings.. they were kinda big.. make that big :) tapos pink and white na may hoop. tsk tsk, my ravings for earrings must be a sickness. adik.

we watched a movie din, "the first daughter". i duno how to react. i duno how it made me feel. haha. i cant say if its good din. weird no? watch it nlng if u want. i was being perky and hyper in the cinema. on the way to our seats kse, u know how there's a pathway na carpeted? haha :) when we came in, umaarte ako na kunwari concert... tumatakbo akush tapos i was shouting "good evening aranetaaaa!!! are y'all ready to partyyyyy!?!??!!" sabay tahimik na nung pumasok na kme. hahaha. gosh. i can get really weird sometimes. after that, we went around again, lusted for a lot of things again.. hehe. and vanity explosion po :) we had a pic taken.. sa studio po, two shots. one of em was my ultimate blackmail picture.. hahaha!! :) the other one was ok. pero shmpre nkahanap ako ng kakampi sa vanity.. :) me and cha2 kept on takin pics of ourselves! (conceited ba?) hehe. so eion i have loads of new pics. weeehooo :) lalng.. :)

cge na nga, sabi ko diba maiksi lang to?! tomorrow, we might go to mega. bsta, videoke galore lng okay lang :) haha! :)

sa saturday, i wanna go to bagaberde. oh, and sa friday, i want to go with cha2 sana to this reggae thingy. im in love with reggae now. we were even planning to buy accessories na reggae/jamaican-inspired.. kaso i duno, parang ndi bagay saken :) hehe. ohwells. i wish i didnt have rashes nlng. rar.

oki :) i have to eat lunch muna :)

weeeeeeeeeeh. :D


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