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Thursday, October 21

im back.

but im lazy. so ill try to come up with a decent entry tonight.

went to galle today.. me and cheka were supposed to meet at around 12noon, pero i ended up arriving there at 12:30 i think.. tpos wala pa sha.. so i went around.. bought two pairs of lovely earrings (uh-oh).. then she was there na around 1:20 ata. mommy aspe texted us na andun na din sha so we had lunch together na rin at spamjam.. u guys should try it, its a unique place.. puro spam and nsa menu nila. haha. aspe even ate a spam maki. o diba. wide ang variety. LOL.

anyhoo.. 3pm, we watched a movie na... White CHicks. ASTIG :D hehe. twas a good movie.. super funny. not funny funny na super halakhak. tamang tawa :) hehe. well, oo na, nakakatawa na.. mababaw nman ako eh. haha. anyhoo again, you guys should watch it!

at the movie house, there were a few guys behind us... well we presumed them to be those "homie-ja rule-nelly-bling bling sort of guys" coz of the way they talk. feeling ampucha! super. ang gugulo nila pramis. first they were stepping na on our hair. (first saken, tapos pati pala c cheka. cheka gave them THE LOOK. sus. siga talaga tong c cheka. hehe) tapos they didnt even say sori. nakakainis. tapos in the middle of the movie, there was a part when the girl was changing clothes in a store, tapos humirit ung guy sa likod ko "oh my gosh, i just want to fuck you." gaaaaaaah. kadiri. they just couldnt keep their pervert thoughts to themselves. tapos they started laughing na and stuff. [btw, nadine and dale followed. so after some time they were there na rin.] so un, after nun.. may part sa movie i forgot what happened in that part though.. tapos they were laughing and were in a discussion na... "yeah pare... HOOHOOHOOH, yah pare... fuck that pare... hahahaha." leche ang iingay. they were very inconsiderate no. tapos while they were talking in big voices nadine butted in, pero ndi sha humarap sa knila, side view lang "OH YAHHHH HAHAHAHA." with the matching big voice din. oh my gosh.. ndi kme makapigil ni aspe sa kakatawa. i love nadine for doing that. haha :) tapos they guys stopped talking na. pero i think they were whispering or talking in hushed tones about the girls in front of em kami un. haha. basta un. tapos super gulo pa nila, we could feel na nasisipa nila ung likod ng chair namen. sarap sapakin pramis. towards the end of the movie, there was a semi-cheesy-sweet line na sinabi nun guy. tapos ang papansin nanaman nun guy... sabi "yeah pare i should use that.. i swear pare im gonna use that on my girl.. YEAHHHHH" hay nako. ayun.. nagga-growl na naman sila. good thing they left before the movie ended. LECHE talaga.

pero... i still had fun. kulang pa rin pag wala kang nakikita na kakaibang tao sa labas. kaya nga masarap magpeople watch eh. ahha. ooh i have another incident pala. hehe.

after the movie, we left nadine and dale na kse they wanted to start the movie over. so un, we went to the cr muna. there were 2 former paulinians din dun... batch 2003, a batch lower than us. one went inside a cubicle, the other one was checking her reflection sa mirror, sabay kme nagkikikay. tapos when the other girl went out, me and aspe went to the right side. the two girls were on the left side, so... we were all facing the mirror at that time. cheka was inside a cubicle that time. tapos, the two girls started chatting.

girl1: blah..blah..blah.. [sorry i cant remember how their conversation started]...
girl2: ah ganun ba? eh what do u like better ba? u dont like the one from school?
g1: nah, i dont know eh.
note: during this time, they kept on glancing at us, if me and aspe were looking at them or listening at them. i pretended to powder my face and talk to aspe.
g2: hmm..okay. hahaha.
g1: so how are you and ano na?
g2: i dont know e! pero g1, u know what, there's this guy nga na parang i like eh.. like its weird nga e..
g1: really? why naman?
g2: basta, like im not used to it lang.. kse this guy,he's like a blockmate of mine eh..
g1: o really? who ba?
g2: basta, its weird lang kse he's like way shorter than me... eh like i dont usually fall for shorter guys..
g1: haha.. ano ka ba g2, thats ok!
g2: no, noh! im not used to it kaya!
g1: ano ka ba.. ako nga like i used to have a crush or thing on this shorter guy who's.....

tapos they went out of the washroom na. shmpre ni-mimick na namen sila ni aspe. my gosh. i cant believe they're paulinians. i mean, oo cge, uap people are usually labeled conyo people, pero..ndi naman lahat eh. pero etong mga to? grabe, papansin! sobra! eh they werent the types na paconyo ang dating. ang trying hard ng effect nila. haha. anyhoo when we went out, ginagaya pa rin naman ung girls. hehe. tapos i noticed they were in starbucks so we stopped na. hehe.

interesting day.

i bought a 70s cd for my dada. its his bday tom. :) happy! :) LOL

tapos we had neoprints taken. cool. i miss having pics taken with friends. hahe :) anyhoo. next time im soooo gonna splurge on clothes, shoes, cds and bags. oh, and accessories. :)


Divisoria, here we come! :)

anyone up for this? :) hehe!

gots to sleep. ho-humm.


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