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Sunday, October 24

honey, i'm ho-ome.

hellew. grar. i feel really awful about these rashes. but at least they are NOT contagious. (kaya utang na loob, wag nman kayo matakot na lumapit saken LOL). anyhoo, i know what it is already but i wont tell na lang what kind of "sickness" this is, kasi the pictures of it on the web are really,, yucky. hehe :) but hey, mine's not that bad. :) mild pa naman ito. :D thank goodness. this rash daw rarely occurs eh, so it got me thinking: should i feel honored that i actually had it? LOL. kadiri. i just have to keep myself from scratching. hayyy.

anyhoo.. yesterday, we [we: me, cheka, aspe] went to st paul pasig to visit their fair. wew. feeling high school ever. heheh. uhh i met up with cheka, aspe and tirona (who came with cheka).. tapos eion, nanggulo lang kme. i saw a lot of people, (duh, its a fair..) i mean.. mga people na x-paulinians din, batchmates, friends, etc. cno2 ba sila.. jielene, aicel, mae-mae, pacheng, keisha, my former busmates, marinel, anlou, grace, alessa, mines, kats, cha-cha palad, tita myrna, aowie, bea, jonalee (HAPPY BERDEY), tisha, peachy, ms. ped, ms. calayo, ms. bronilla, mrs. garcia (computer), ermm, actually bsta sila-sila... hehe!

so un, it was fun.. first stop, me and aspe went to this booth na nagbibigay ng free MEG magazine. turned out nait was a contest.. ung bestfriend chuva picture contest ng clean and clear. whahahaha... so.. for fun, me and aspe nga joined. LOL. we filled up some form.. tapos we had our pic taken. sabi nun people dun, if we're lucky, we may just win this contest and be cover girls for MEG. LOL. as if. =P tapos we asked nga kng pwde kme mkabili or mkahingi ng copy nun pic.. sabi nun guy only if we had a diskette daw. DUH. why would we bring a diskette to a school fair?! LOL. grabacious ah. anyhoo, i told the guy na i'd go back nlng ng sunday, pero sabi nia "ma'm sa sm north edsa nio nlng po kme pnthan.. o kaya kng gusto nio po bili muna kaio ng diskette sa megamall.." x_0 bangag na mama ampucha. hehe.

after nun, we went to the gym na. hehe infairness ang daming renovations ah. when we came in, a PRU girl tried to literally shove me in. nasabihan pa ko ng "excuse me, faster lang po" oh no, pagkamalan bang high school. haha. shmpre nagparinig na kme nina aspe. rar. i realized na ngyong college lang ako nagkaganto.. haha. maraming times na ung i almost engaged haha into a fight dahil sa mga bwisit na tao. LOL. anyhoo, we found a good spot at the back.. well nsa likod nga kme pero it turned out supposedly to be good, kase dun ung fashion show pala. kaso shmpre ung mga people singit ng singit. nakaluhod, nakatayo, etc. eh sabi kse indian sit daw lahat (grabe, feeling students pa rin kme, upo naman kme..) tpos ung mga nsa harap namen, todo tayo, sigaw, etc. hehe.. so we ended up just talking. seryoso. as in daldalan. feeling ko nga na-annoy ung nasa likod namen kse we were occupying some space pero ndi kme nanonood. hehe. tapos, nung umalis na ung nasa likod namen, we knelt na rin kse, high school faculty na ung nagmo-model. heheh :) asteeg. well, not nun first. hehe. some teachers i recognized were: ms hernandez, ms calingo, sir velarde!!!, and ang finale nila ever si ms calayo.. :) naks! o diba new career? :) serious :) anyhoo, after that, we were supposed to leave the gym na. kse we cant find a good spot nga eh sa stage na ulit ung next performers. they were setting up the stage na at that time and we had no idea kng cno na next. so we were just talking (again) with cheka this time. tapos, mejo nagclear na rin nga ung gym kse they thought na it was gonna be a not-too-good-hohumm performer. well, whaddaya know?! AKAFELLAS na pala ung sunod!! wahahahhaha :) well,.. literally, mejo natangay ko si aspe papunta sa harap. haha! kme naman ung sumingit-singit sa mga paulinians. LOL. tapos, WEW. nsa may harap na kme. ASTIG! haha. so un, kanta galore kme ni aspe. haha. with the matching dance. during the first part of the set, the students were still sitting down, kaya advantage kme. tapos we, no no, make that I was trying to get Paulo Nav or Robi's attention to check if they would still happen to know us. LOL. their ex-stalkers. yes, dati ay stalkers kme ng akafellas. LOL. anyhoo. that did not happen kasi dumating c DJ Myke. boom-boomshk master. so sayawan ever na. nagtayuan na ung mga tao sa harap namen... so ndi na kme kita. tapos ang dami pang singit ng singit..! may amoy B.O pa! Hhaha ang dami namen reklamo no. hehe. may bago na nga pala akong crash sa akapapas. hehe ung new member nila kwela! c jet. :) [note to self: message robi sa friendster, search for jet the new member.. stalker ever!!!] anyhooo....

after the akafellas, we decided to have dinner na muna. hehe. forget about the ticket! the 100 bucks is sulit already! haha. akafellas pa lang eh no? LOL. eion, we ate near the canteen, basta tambayan daw nina cheka. high school memories. at tulad ng sabi ni aspe, heart to heart talk daw eion. hehe astig :) tapos we were looking for cravings tapos we heard people singing in the gym. we didnt know na teachers pala un! so takbo kme sa loob, found a spot near the 3rd year people ata. hehe :) the faculty had a presentation similar to the FFC we had back in our days (gah, nakakatanda!) we dont know most of the people. but our teachers were really good! :) made us feel like paulinians again. hehe :)

anyhoo... i met up with jonalee and mines after, then we went around buying ice cream, walking around and people watching.. and shmpre daldalan to the max. heheh :D then we ended up leaving st paul at around 1040 pm na ata. i cudnt find my sister kse e. anyhoo before i was able to step out of stpaul, mejo i got annoyed again.. this time becoz of manong guard. aspe and cheka were supposed to ride with moi, pero they were able to go past the gates before me, my sis and her friend. tapos hinarang na kme nun guard. he asked my sister kng bkit sila lalabas and she pointed at me, sabi nia na i was with them. tapos the guard turned to me and asked me where my sundo was. sabi ko the car's outside na, and we were just gonna wait. i pointed to aspe and cheka and sabi ko manong kasama namin sila, bakit sila pinalabas nio na? then the guard said na students are not allowed to go out. so nairita ako. magpipilit ba naman ako lumabas dabah. sabi ko i was not from st paul anymore. years ago na. mejo iritado na tlga ako, and ewan ko lng kng pagalit na ung sagot ko.. heheh. tapos when he walked past him, nagcomment pa sha.. sabi nia kasi sana sinasabi nio na hindi kayo estudyante! rar. patay na, nainis na ko. i turned to him and sabi ko sorry ha! at kasalanan ko pa un! hindi naman kse requirement un diba? BUISET! hehe. warfreak ko minsan no? kaya ndi ko alam if i should feel complimented when they think im a high school student. haha.

but anyhoo, my day's all good naman. weeeheeeee :)

waw. haba ng entry ko no? daldal ko kse e. hehe :) anyhoo. post nlng din ako ng tests... tests galore. LOL. :)

cge na nga, wala palang kwenta ung mga test.. hanap na ko ng alis. =) hehe..


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