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Tuesday, October 19


finally! exams are over!!! yahoooo =)
polthought sucked tho. there were around 5-8 numbers i wasnt able to answer and my last 2 essays were pure crap.. so... good luck to me. x_x

but i also heard news about my DAQT finals... I DIDNT FLUNK!!! so i dont have to take removals this friday. which means IM FREEEE FREEE AS A BIRD.... yahuuu *grabe, ibang level na ito*

so.. tomorrow i have plans na.. with mommy aspe (and tart maybe..).. khit mall lng, movie and dine out. yessss its been a while. i cant wait for serious bonding.. SA VIDEOKE!! haha :)
sa thursday.. mall ulet.. ksama na c chekabols mylabs :)
friday.. i hafta watch my sis sa st paul.. fair kse, and she's gonna perform. heheh :) and its my dad's birthday din :) so... may party sa gabi. todo entertainment na naman to. Jenna:BY REQUEST haha :) ang tgal ko na ndi kumakanta! LOL
saturday...ndi pa nman kaya magsawa si mommy aspe saken? hehe... nood kme concert. bka sumama ibang whattabarx (kng may magreply ba naman diba? hehe)
sunday...EWAN. bsta gusto ko umales. :)

im soooooo happy!! hehe..sembreak naaaaaahh!! yahooo!!
i can get some more sleep... (make bawi LOL), watch tv, sit in front of the pc the whole day, chat maybe, go to the mall, go shopping, watch movies, bond with friends..etc...


*looking for comfy mall clothes and perky gimik outfit. LOL*

friends, alis na taio!!! weeeh :)

*drops dead -- stress hangover hehe*


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