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Saturday, September 25

rarr-ed out.

whoopeee. weekend again. at last. at long last. but ive been feeling really shitty lately thanks to stress, school, and mi padre. ohwells. i was out with cheka yesterday afternoon/night. she accompanied me sa karaoke king. OMG. nakakahiya.. pero it was quite an experience. i recorded my "first album" so to speak. (haha.) pero fun sha. sobrang nakakakaba lng no. :) heheh :) kaso ang crap nun cover. shempre panget ako ever, dabah? so... mejo ndi un pwde ma-edit. anyhoooo kng cno man gusto sumama saken record taio ulet!! :) hahaha :) weeh i had fun naman. kaso nabangga kme pauwi and mi padre was kinda blaming it on me which made me feel really bad and i cried all night. eh, i had errands to for mi padre nman and it was kinda hard to look for them no. hay! ohwell. im going away later. kidding. going out. :) heheh :) im going back tomorrow :) hahaha. cant wait. but i have loads to do din for school actually. as a matter of fact, i think i need to start doing them already coz there's really quite a lot. hehehe :) anywayyyy :) lalng. ang perky ng dating ko no? if u could just see my eyes -.- hehe :) cge na nga. anyone up for a recording session, hit me back :) haha :)

P.S. but im pretty bummed coz the cd isnt playing. ill try going to karaoke king later. :) buhbye now. buhbye! :)

P.P.S. I want to learn how to put freakin pictures. and.. anyone can help with layout? please? thankiess :)


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