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Sunday, August 1

on the other hand

yeah. its another smashing brand new day. right. im so bored right now i can meow for all i can care. and take note, im not making sense.

im in my usual surfing mode. tagal ko na kse to ndi ngagawa.. hehe :D friendster-hopping, blog-hopping, instant messaging, mail-checking..

omg. that sounded like something. sounded like 5-6-7-8 by Steps. omg. haha. my boot scootin' baby is drivin' me crazy..lalala.. yak. popstar stages. hehe.

anyhow.. san na ba taio? oh yeah. im supposed to be busy the entire weekend. i was supposed to study for political thought, start my paper for rizal due on friday, do an interactive reading journal entry for modern lit, etc, etc.

but no.

that makes me effing bored. im soooo lazy. gaashh. anyways, i went to church knina. i was feeling malandot (a word my sister is currently using to describe..hehe). i was in an all black ensemble, heels (naks babae), a pink shawl-turned-belt and a matching pink bag, and of course a verrry long dangling earrings (prang inulit ko lang wahehe). dama ko. :) lalng. dama ko lang magpaka-gurly Ü haha.

sheetttttttt those people from ASAP fanatic are sooooo effing annoying. deym. they cant really sing and dance, pero hala, sige pa rin. just for the sake of producing a show. rar. no offense sa mga fans nila, pero.. gaah. tama na nga. bsta, nakakairita lang sobra! :P anyway.

i miss watching movies. maybe i should go to the mall this week. or maybe not. i have to finish a paper nga pala.. which i havent started yet. im such procrastinator. *whapaks myself* hehe.

cge muna. im gonna start reading for polthought na. nga pala, anyone interested in buying earrings? 60-70 bucks lang, ung mga parang clear plastics chuva. cant explain eh. bsta, if ur interested, text me. if u dont know my number.. message me nlng. or thru Ym. twisted_angel_xxiii Ü oiii business o.

and i love you more everyday
and nothing can take our love away
when you need someone,
i promise i'll be there for you..
there for you..
-I Promise, Stacie Orrico



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