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Sunday, August 8

for the Nth time

i havent blogged for a week i think. something's wrong with my PC, everytime i open blogger there's an error. rarr. ohwells. i think my dad's about to replace this really old PC. at least i think he said that to me yesterday. hopefully.

anyway. ive been pretty conceited again since last night. haha. i keep on taking pictures of myself. heheh. guilty pleasure? hehe. i need new pics. i dunno why. ala lang. feeling maganda eh no, ndi nman. LOL. ohwells.

im bored. im supposed to do another interactive reading for a whole lot of stories in lit, but im gonna start it later. im really sleepy, and well, lazy. hehe. :)

i want to go shopping. but i dont know if i have money, and i dont know what im gonna look for. i just want to go out. i havent been going out for almost 2 weeks na rin, coz of school. darn. well.. i went out with fem and maan last friday. we had a picture taken and had some grub at jollibee. haha. we were supposed to go to red ribbon for dinner but we decided na jollibee na lang. ewan ko ba. malakas ang hatak ng jollibee. LOL. then we walked around, fem wanted to buy nail polish ata, eh naisip namen ni maan magpapic. eh di nagpapic nman kme. haha. astig. nakakamis magpastudio eh. LOL. :) rarr. cno ba pwde mahatak magpapichur.. tara... message nio koooooooo ahahahah Ü

hay. i told u i was bored. deym.


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