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Tuesday, July 6

So Dead and So Spiderman

Wala lang. Ü
I haven't been updating this pala for quite a while. Ü hehe.. uhmm.. what did you miss?

28 June
It was my sister's birthday. Her 16th. I got her 2 pretty shirts as a present. Ü shempre pink din hehehe...then we had a small gathering here, for dinner with my relatives and all. hehe. Of course, true to my usual style, I was wearing black. haha. But my theme was red. Ü shmpre red and iskert ko, accessories. Haha. My mom wanted me to change my clothes coz it was a birthday party and I was wearing black. Eh I like black eh. hehe. Ü
Anyhow, that night I was asked to sing. Again. Ok, so may feedback. Made me want to sing again. So I cancel the Diva's Dead entry na. Haha. Maybe I'll bring it up again in the near future. haha.

29 June
Nothing special. Hmm. I went to school.. The usual. heheh.. Yun lang. Ü

30 June
Same as the day before that day. You know. Yesterday of that day. Boring. Ü

1 July
Oha! July already. Bilis ah. Anyways, St. Paul people are soooo lucky they have a 5-day weekend. gosh. And we had to work our butts off at school. But hey, I'm not making reklamo (arte mo tsong). I have allowance weeh :)

2 July
Pasig Day today. Ü Meaning I had no school. haha!! Buti na lang its a Friday. I'm not naiinggit coz my friends from Manila had a day off on the 24th..eh Thursday un so wala silang long weekend. Buti pa ako hahaha!! :) But i stayed at home. I tried doing stuff. I failed of course. Im not a homework person most of the time haha. Hmm.. oh yeah I chatted pala this day. Me and some of my friendly friends sa chat were up on a trip. Ü We entered several channels at IRC, and we flooded their main channels. haha. Bored?! Ü I realized that I was banned in #mexico. We went to #spain. Since I'm having a Spanish course, I tried to whip out my Spanish knowledge. haha. Much to my surprise, there was this guy who was talking, I thought there was a conversation going on. Ganto:
como chuva ek ek español puto chille ese
puto hehehe..
- Shmpre kasi puto meant something else here. I reacted lang. Yun lang. then this guy starting lashing out his insults, assaults, etc. He messaged me in private and asked me if I was half_Hispanic. Told him I wasnt. Tpos he started telling me na I should respect him, that I was a wannabe, that I was whatever else I forgot. Haha. Nakakatawa, pinatulan ko nga. warmode ako eh. Ü bsta, he ended up leaving the chatroom. VICTORY. adios hijo de puta. haha Ü

3 July
Saturday na! I went to Mega to watch SPIDERMAN. One word. THE BOMB. ay two pala un. :) cge. two words: ASTIG :) haha!!

4 July
Stayed at home. BOW. Ay, went to church. Bow.

05 July
ESCAPADE Ü It was soooo hot. Ü

I'm bored.
It's seven tomorrow!! :)

Ohwells. Watch SPIDERMAN! Prmise astig! :)


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