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Wednesday, July 28

wasssapppp... grabe pasaway tlga ako.. nsa net cafe nnman ako as usual. matinding pasaway tlga ako ever. haha. :) anyhoo.. im bored to death. i havent got much to do today. i was supposed to go out with mai today at galle. too bad she doesnt have money, eh she's not sanay na ililibre mo sha sa mall movie or whatever. haha. uhmm im done with 3 exams already this week pa lng.. hahay. pamatay tlga. anyway. grabe ah, ang lakas pla ng impact nung huli kong entry. ung about sa es monologo person. pero its effing true. haha. astig nga eh. i totally crush bamboo pa rin. well, maybe not.
oh btw,
i bought pairs and pairs of earrings again. i bought two yesterday. 3 today. man, im an earring-o-maniac. haha. :) MEJ! if ur reading this, yes im selling dangling earrings. hope i can see you around school il let you see the pics. i duno if ull like them tho. JOA.. thanks forn the tag.. :) yeah may blog ako, matanda na nga to eh. tamad lng tlga ko mag-update often kya onti lng ang laman. almost 2 years na ata to. yakk nagshare? anyhoo.. alis na ko. my back aches big time. i wanna go home and watch queer eye and starting over. (new faves o) haha.


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