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Monday, July 26

hush hush

ive been pretty quiet for the past week no? well ive been pretty busy. super dami nang gnagawa sa school... and i hate it. but i have no choice. DOI. i had my DAQT exam last saturday. it was one big pile of effing sh*t. dammnnnn... im in mega again. (you should know that, i cant blog when im at home. my pc's too effing slow. oh wells.

you know what... I CRUSH BAMBOO :) as in..!!

haha. ive been playing some stuff with my guitar lately. broken chords LOL. i love playing noypi sa guitar. astig. parang khit ndi ako mrunong feeling ko marunong ako. haha!! anyways.. im bored to death. oh, i have another exam tomorrow by the way. i hope its not hard. im sleepy. im making no sense. bsta i crush bamboo. and hey baby, i crush you too. :) LOL

i missed this.

uy naalala ko nga pala.. ung sinulatan ko ng es monologo... haha... find it in my archives ung ndi pa nakakabasa nung blog ko na un. wla na akong contact sa taong pinag-alayan ko ng es monologo. pero minsan naiisip ko pa rin sha. kse wala tlgang closure ung amen. ndi ko nga alam if there was an "us" to begin with. tapos, ganun nag-end. lammo nakakatawa kse pag naiiisip ko, shet, bakit ko kaia nging like ung taong yun? kse after all that happened, ni hindi man lang sha naging person enough para maging magkaibigan kme. i mean, im not asking for anything here.. dont get me wrong.. wala na rin akong nafifil. pero.. minsan napapaisip ako, kng bkit ba nging like ko sha. maybe because i didnt see this coming. maybe because i never thought na magaganito nya ako. kung nsan ka man, im sure nakalimutan mo na ako, and that i exist. i know ur happy right now. gusto ko lang malaman mo na never na kitang hinabol, if that's what u think... and im also happy with my life now. enough said.


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