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Tuesday, July 13

a brand new day

whatever. i cant think of a good enough title for my blog coz i dont even know what im gonna blog about. im too effing tired and all i can think about is how drained i am. rar. im on my second month in school already and wla pa rin.. ndi pa rin nagsisink in na im in third year already!!! rarr.

anyways, im living a pretty quiet life lately. i dont have time and money to go around and shop or whatever. but i can bum around and act affected though. hehe Ü coolness Ü anyways, im like a monk right now. well i cant think of a good word.. oh.. i feel so deprived right now. hehe. i have a dysfunctional 7650 (which i wanna trade in already), i have a cut line for my globe handyphone. and my credit card's being declined. i duno. maybe i must live a life of... something. i forgot the term, bsta dpat muna ako mangulila. LOL.

hmmm what else.. im bored right now. i cant wait for the weekend. i cant wait for next week. i cant wait for september weeh Ü hmmm i might go out this weekend by the way.. it's jimi's birthday on the 16th and we're going to greenbelt this weekend. i might sleepover at QC. hehehe Ü whatever.

i have no good thoughts to blog about today. sometimes when im in the middle of doing sumthing, a bloggable thing pops in my head.. but when im in front of my pc i duno what to write about anymore. hay. hehehehe can anyone help me? i duno how to post pictures in my blogspot. boohoo. anyways... i gotta run..

Jenna's Word for the Week:
Pre-Engaged -> It's the period when you are almost ready to get to ready to get married. gets? Bsta ako. OO. Ü I do. LOL.

weeh Ü how does it feel to be pre-engaged? Ü



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