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Saturday, June 26

toired ass

heheh.. gawd, i feel so tired and harassed...


hay. i had to endure 3 days of being business-like. it only means 3 painful days of wearing heels and going up and down the 4th floor for 3 times a day. and i had to stay in school til 7:30. talk about torture.

anyways, there's always a good side. hehe.

i was able to buy new shoes (make that sandals, step-in, with heels, whatever)..and they are totally fab Ü LOL i got really perky when i saw them and bought them immediately.. haha.. (freak.) and i bought a new novel to read.. (its by jude deveraux) i hope i got the spelling right haha.. and my mom bought me clothessss :) yey.. they're just oh so cute..hmmm i think i might have to do a "private shopping session" on monday.. haha.. Ü i'll go to the mall on my own and shop my heart out LOL..Ü im bad tlga. im looking for accessories (again) but not earrings muna (kse earrings on sale right now seem to look all the same to me..i want unique ones..) so right now im looking for bracelets. haha. trinkets. :) and hair accessories too. and sandals. and... (ohhhkay) earrings again.. hehe.. Ü

I'm such an accessory-freak.

(and i thought this entry was supposed to be about ME being TIRED?!)

oops. Ü


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 09:18.