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Saturday, June 12

MiXeD eMoTiOnS

ive always wanted to write a poem or maybe a song about mixed emotions.. hay. i duno.. it always interests me but once i start writing down whatever thoughts i have, wala na.. poof..

now what made me entitle this entry as such?

i dont know. lets just say i was browsing thru friendster a few mintues back.. i started reading posts, read one particular post from someone... checked what/who was it for.. and it hit me.

i got affected. for some reason or for whatever experience that came to mind....the thing is: The "past" (i think) is haunting me. and it scares the hell out of me and i feel so guilty and bad. =(

i dont wanna think about it anymore but every now and then... it just pops out.. prang minsan sa "critical" situation pa chka sha magpaparamanda... which is really really./... ARRGGGGHHHH WEIRD!!!!!
Nkakainis kse eh..why did i get affected all of a sudden...?!! eh DUH.. its been a year.. more than a year..since whatever shit happened..tpos ngyon ako magkakaganto?! f*ck... hay...can this be true? meron pa bang feelings?!! (errmmm i wanna barf.)

THIS ISN'T HAPPENING. I dont want this to happen!! I'm a good girl.... No-no-no-no-no...



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