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Monday, April 12

shit happens

ahaha. oh what a way to start a new blog entry.. WELCOME ME BACK!! nyahaha.. (as if) :D
hm.. HAPPY EASTER everyone..

hayyyy its been a restless holy week.. and it really really sucks that the fone lines have been down for more than a week already... (and to think its vacation. darn it!) well.. my summer vacation is ALMOST over coz in two days time its gonna be enrollment day once again (oh the torture).. and classes will start next week. oh bummer. first, let me tell you what happend this week.. wenk wenk. last week pala..

gosh. one of the most memorable palm sundays in my entire life. so in church, you know how we have to wave around our palm thingies ryt after the mass.. so the priest could bless them.. so me and my sister walked up front and waved our palm thingies.. then the priest was MUMBLING someting.. (mind you, its really mumbling coz we cant understand a thing that he was saying..so he started to shout some stuff.. "*bleep bleep bleep*" i cant understand him.. then he went at it again.. "Hosanna Son of David!" ohhhh-kay. i got it.. then my sister, who was standing in front of me, nudged me and asked: "Ate, anong sabi ni Father?". Of course I wasnt able to react right away coz i was kinda busy trying to get some of the blessed holy water that was being sprinkled by the lazy altar servers.. anyway, so my sister asked me again.. "Ate, ano daw? Hindi ko maintindihan ung cnasabi niya.. sabi ba niya: HOSANNA-SANNA BABY?" Right. and the two girls at my sister's right looked at her and I eyed her mockingly and started to laugh. I said.. "tungek, Hosanna, son of David daw!" ohhhh-kay. so much for the following hysterical laughing of the two sisters in front. the two girls beside us may have thought that we were being stupid. but oh well, what's done is done. Hosanna-sanna Baybehh!!

We have a yearly procession every year that used to be held on Good Fridays. but not this year. the Diocese of pasig chagned it to wednesday. so the procession seemed like a mere parada where people were taking pictures, giving away drinks, making chismis.. etc. so.. parang parade lng of stars.. (and of course, i was in it :D haha)

I went home soooo bloody tired this day that I barely made it to my bedroom. hehe. We did the Bisita Iglesia (tradition..hehe) and we started at around 3pm. shocks. and we finished at around 12am. we reached churches all the way down south.. laguna...etc. we ate in cavite.. there so i was bloody tired and i had a recollection to go to the next morning. alohaaa. talk about sacrifice. [Xs:It's my sister's birthday this day.. she finally turned 21, ay...14 pala. Belated Happy Birthday Joey!]

Went to the recollection/retreat at ultra with mines. we met up with ate shei and family there too. it was freakin hot. (like everyday) and well, it was all good naman. we even danced. oha oha! we were in the middle and sa sobrang kapal ng muka nmen ni mines we were dancing when the charismatic chuva group was singing.. haha!! :) kawawa nman ung mga kumakaen na katabi namen. hehe. buti they didnt vomit. haha. anyway..we finished at around 11:30 then i went to mines' haus. shmpre naki-lunch ako dun. haha. kapal no? nwei.. there we made chika galore na muna hehe..we were supposed to meet up again the next day.

I wasnt feeling too good. woke up late. So did Mines. So... we didnt meet up like what was planned. haha. bummer!

Hmm..Simple. Had a celeb for Joanne's birthday today. we sang, danced, talked, walk around, etc. We went to mass in the evening and i saw this stall outside the church that sells big earrings for only 20 bucks. haha. im gonna buy pairs (ilang kaya) later. :D hehe.. (u know me, and my issue with earrings hehe) and mommy aspe got back from somewhere hehe:) yihaa! i miss kamberks.. kelan ang reunion? how about tomorrow?! hehe. anyway..we went to chowking after the mass to dig in some halo-halo. yummy. what a way to end the day.

I'm in mega. I'm in a net cafe. I'm freakin bored, hungry and my head aches na!!!

OHHHHHH-kay. I guess i have to end here. I checked my grades for PE and spanish. not bad. hehe.. anyway.. im giving a big hallooooo to anyone who's bored enough to read this. :D i gotta go. the meter's running. hehe we dont have much money and me and my sis are hungry already.

TATA! :)


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