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Wednesday, April 28

do you know where you're going?

i don't.

i was lying in bed last night, watching American Idol and one helluva though just hit me..

I don't know where I'm going and I don't know what I'm gonna be in the future.

haha. it kinda freaked me out. i mean, im not getting any younger by the year.. and well, im almost in my 3rd year in college..(although im still as lazy as hell) and we're entering our specialization now..

sitting in my management block everyday makes me think.. "am i really for this course?" it makes me frustrated tlaga..

i can't be the singer i want to be. (obviously)
i can't be a doctor anymore (i was deprived of that)
i can't be a good management student, lalo na manager.. im not really good at it, i dont feel it at all.
i can't be a lawyer coz im not good with talking in front of people at all..
i can't be a writer coz im not good at it technically..
i can't be a pianist coz i stopped my lessons. the same thing with my voice lessons pala..


maybe i can be a drama queen. ang drama ng blog ko e!! hehe! :)

sorry for that crap. Ü


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