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Tuesday, February 24


hehe... in fairness. kanta sha ni britney. (waaah what a way to introduce this entry..)

i was supposed to blog sunday morning, but i got too lazy (again) so i didnt get to finish my entry. there.

hmmm you may be wondering why toxic?

well, toxic = school right now. as in. tambak ang school works, and they're all squeezed up in this and next week. gaaaahh... i hate this!! im too pressured that i cant think, and i cant start on the things im supposed to do na. DAMN!

im supposed to start reading the thing for my book review but i realized our teacher moved the deadline..
so... here's the freakin' sched:

Wednesday - Edsa I Anniv/No Classes/Find sumone who can tutor me in Calculus. Oh men.
Thursday - Read something for Fil/2ND LONG EXAM IN CALCULUS/Meeting for PolGov/Memorize script for Choral Presentation
Friday - Deadline for Book Review/Research on APS China/Submit notes for King Lear/Read Act 1 Scene 2 of King Lear/Meeting for PolGov/Memorize script for Choral Presentation
Saturday - Rehearsal for Choral Presentation/Plan for PolGov Seminar/EASTWOOD!!! hay. short-time break.
Sunday - Seminar Implementation for Pol Gov, in Brgy. Afable in Kapasigan/Hassle/Hassle/Hassle/Voice Lessons/Start on Book Review/Start on Filipino and Civ Reports on the 8th and 16th respectively
Monday - haayy i cant think anymore...
Tuesday - Deadline for Civ Book Review/uhmm...Read for lit/A WHOLE LOT MORE./Rehearsal for Choral Presentation
Wednesday - Elimination Round for Choral Presentation at 1 pm.. *crosses fingers*

HAY i dont wana think anymore. it makes my head ache lang!!! waaaah

I wish, i wish, i wish, i wish....




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