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Thursday, February 12

[my desire to blog : 1:50 PM . CAS 303B . Calculus class . Dragging. Ho-Hum]


Technically.. I'm around 20-30 minutes away from home.. but ryt now, home seems so far away. (nyaah).. wanna know why?

MScM (Master of Science in Management) Interview Today!!!

I'm around 125 minutes away from the torture.. but in fairness, i cant wait for it to be over... haayy..
But the thing is, I have loads to do naman when i get home.. then i'm around 1,440 minutes away from a long exam for lit... AND around 1,560 minutes away from a paper deadline...

and the blessed question would have to be:


How the hell am I supposed to answer that?!! I need a thesis statement pa.. buti na lang 1.5 ang spacing.. Otherwise I'm gonna be lost for words. darn.

Minutes away ulet... oooohhh... it's LOVE WEEK nga pala.. i haven't blogged for the longest time.. no updates tuloy.. Flashback kaya ako???

-> Woke up early.. we left for Bulacan at around 6:15 AM.. we had s trip (for my PE class - Outdoor Pursuits) to Mt. Manalmon. hmm... we crawled into some cave (Madlum Caves, i think), climbed this humongous mountain (which turne out be really small lang pala).. and we had lunch at the peak.. WHatta view! :) It wasn't so bad.... NOT! i freaked out that day.. wala pang 5 minutes from where we started to walk, i almost fell into the river.. ang BLOOPERS KO!! sobra! i slipped then going down the mountain and i fell on my butt. OUCH! hehe.. i though i was gonna die that day... (LUCKILY I DIDN'T) hmmm... eion.. then i got home at around 8:30... haay.. resT!!

08 - 10 FEBRUARY
My body hurt like hell. I didn't do much, coz I couldnt move well, I felt like a paralyzed granny. Rar.

Went to Baclaran. Feeling quite better. :D Kinda sad for some personal reason haha. ewan ko na lang kung may makakaalam. TAKE NOTE: Wednesday Today. BACLARAN?! hmm. anyhow, I wasnt able to sleep agad. Too much anxiety attacked. WAAAH.



it's been the worst day so far. worst interview ata. huhu. wala na akong future!! pano kung ndi ako pumasa sa interview?!!!

I'll migrate to Bangladesh and be a corrupt official. Ü



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