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Saturday, January 17



saturday today. im not doing anything. basically, m wasting my time... lalang, staring into space, reading, watching tv, singing, the usual. well, i call this weekend my "break"..coz i dont have loads of stuff to do for monday or next week. good thing.

but i feel bad about doing nothing. lalang. maybe i got used to doing lots of stuff, kaya now im quite.... uncomfy?? about the fact that im not busy. lalang. my head is starting to ache na nga. u know that feeling na alam mo na u have to do something kaso ndi mo alam kng ano un.. pero sbra.. it still hits u na may gagawin ka?! RAAARRRRR its driving me nuts!!!


lalng. i just wanted to say that. im having a party on the 24th. i hope my friends would come... lalng.. miss ko na barks. i hope YOU can come, too.

yes, im talking to YOU. *sigh*

*currently stuck on friendster*


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 16:32.