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Wednesday, January 21

shit naman. i just wanted to be nice, and i did not have any intention to act na "feeling close". nyek. ganun lang talaga akong tao, ndi kse ako marunong magalit no. ano ba yan. i know wala akong right... pero wala rin akong intention!

hay nako.

buiset na araw to. ang daming pangyayari.

thanks kay cheka for spending this harrassing day with me and for the isaw trip. buti ka pa.

nothing can ruin my day!!!!!!! (its ruined na nman since last night pa lang..)

cge, il go and edit my previous post na lang. and if i have to ill remove the comment boxes.

sorry kung feeling close ako ha? or sorry if i made it seem as if un ang intention ko.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:38.