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Wednesday, December 31


Wow. I cant believe it's already the end of 2003...
I really dont know what to say as a "year-ender".. well.. if i start jotting down stuffs im thankful for this year.. bka may makalimutan ako.

I'm just thankful for the year that was.. dami ko napagdaanan.. and im happy na ren for everything that happend.. khit pa sad sha.. kse they made me a better person.. and it added up to the Jenna i am right now.. :)

im thankful na im still alive, im still with the people i love *ehem*, and im still in UA&P.. hay. im just wishing na i get to stay at uap til my 5th yr.. oh well..

im thankful coz im still me.. and for the love that i received this year, from people whom i love dearly too. :)


and yes, im thankful for my pink baby bear, my baby Raizel Jakeisha.. :)

ang serious no????

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! *boooom!*


Princess Jenna baby :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:49.