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Sunday, December 21


yep, i think i finally AM sick. i currently cant talk, i dont have the power to -- wala akong boses. i was pretty quiet the whole day, kaso during the evening... i was being madaldal again. i got to talk to mines and torres kasi, ayan, dumaldal nnman ako. its like an update lng. heheh.

im supposed to go to a dinner/debut thing of my kabarkada tomorrow night. we're supposed to meet up here sa bahay, go to mega and walk our way to el pueblo. lalang. the thing is: hindi pa ko nagpapaalam. and they know that i didnt feel so good today. i dont know if they will allow me. tpos im planning to go out pa ulet on tuesday to meet my friend.. tpos.. ewan ko. (jenna, kaya ba ng powers mo?) heheh..

hmm lalng.. ive been gimik-hungry lately. i mean,, not nman gimik as in late night outs, but just going out of the house. khit nga mega lang its fine with me. heheh. i feel really bored kse sa house and all i'll do would be to sit in front of the freakin computer and waste my day. too bad i dont have money, and i dont own a car! hay. (plus, i dont know how to drive YET.) oh well.

shucks, IM SICK!!! hay. i think im gonna rest for now. the princess' ranting is quite over.

*gigil* teehee.



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