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Monday, November 10

i was supposed to have an entry last night, or yesterday coz i had a "blog attack" of some sort.. but i didnt get the chance to sit down and blog coz i had to got to school last night.


we went to school at around 10:30 in the evening... and WHOA...there were already people making tambay in front of the gates. take note: enrollment was supposed to start at around 8 in the morning of today... but there were people (including us) already there since last night... gosh. we waited there and waited and waited. we didnt get to rest at all coz there was no place to stay. they started giving out numbers at around 3:30 am... and the advising started at around 7 am pa!!! hay. talk about hassle!

thankfully we were finished naman early... at around mga 9 we were done na... went home... ate brunch and SLEPT. hay. i woke up at around 9 pm na din ata. heehee. pero i took a bath din in between... mga 6pm. :) lalng. hay.

im sooooooo tired.

*and i cant wait to see *who?* again. :)*


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 22:42.