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Thursday, November 20

FREAKIN TIRED A** (bleep bleep)

Welcome to my first week of back-to-school rants.

We got back to our usual school mood bubbliness at the start of the week... it's Thursday today.. rarr. Let me restate that. It's ONLY Thursday today. The first Thursday of the 2nd semester.

...and I already feel this tired. :(

Waah! I can't believe I'm up for this much stressed alreadY!!! hay.

*punch at the wall*

i cant wait for the weekend. hay.

gusto kong mag-bump cars at mag-arcade... and videoke! :) haha.

naiinis ako wala pa akong handouts for lit. eh mei HW kame.

i just want to sleep.

and yes,

I'm starting to miss you.

star princess diva


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