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Friday, September 5


[my desire to blog : 17.15 hours : 04 September]

i actually feel as if i'm losing myself...and i dont know why..maybe, because im too caught up with all the schoolwork..RARR.

im such a messed up princess right now.. and if you're asking me how i've been for the past week...
I'M SOOOOO STRESSED UP. that i dont even have time to open my computer anymore. i dont even have time for dinner anymore. i'm actually turning into a sleep-hungry creature right now. i dont even use the phone anymore...

but hey, i dont wanna sound too affected or kawawa...haha, kung mejo naaawa ka na.. (yes you), THANKS..Ü i appreciate ur mercy, er, sympathy, er..yeah... thanks Ü

anyway, as i was saying...im so lost in a world of this so-called "corporateness" etc... wherein my ultimate, greatest, supremest goal is SURVIVAL --- and i think im not gona make it..haha. waaah..oh well.

i'm sorry, im just voicing out my current frustrations..oh yeah...im a frustrated princess right now.. haha.

no, but really. i'm lost. im fading. i nowhere and not found. (yuck ang drama no?) haha. sometimes it feels so good to be such a "damsel in distress". [yeah right!] hmm... i just cant wait to spend time with MYSELF again..


well i told u. she's lost... not empty...just lost...wandering somewhere unfamiliar and confusing.

so what's my point?

that's it. Ü

if i may say that i am a princess, lost in some unfamiliar world...looking for some happiness and for L("v")ve Ü *yihaaa*...

i just have one request. Ü
if i could.. [if only i could]

i want to go back to my own little fairy tale..Ü

Princess Jenna

Kudos to those who signed my guest book.
Lots of love from you to me Ü MWAH Ü


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:44.